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  • Great for muscle, joint, and nerve issues
  • Fast pain relief and improved movement
  • Optimise your health and function
  • Address the root cause of your problems



  • Are you in need of some me time?
  • Are you feeling tight and tense?
  • Why not ease your stress and tension
  • We implement a variety of techniques

Medical Acupuncture & Dry needling


  • Out of balance? Unblock your Qi
  • Enhance your body’s interconnections
  • Bring your body back to balance
  • Feel energised and pain free

Psychotherapy and Counselling


  • Clarify your thoughts and inner feelings
  • Enhance your strengths and weaknesses
  • Make informed choices about your life
  • Find your own solutions to your problems



  • Bring about a sense of relaxation
  • Stimulate your healing processes
  • Release your pressure points
  • Increase your sense of wellbeing



  • Overcome a fear or phobia
  • Kick out a bad habit
  • Improve your self confidence
  • Access your state of consciousness