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Eat Well, Think Well, and Be Active!

Unfortunately we are all going through a process of breakdown. Our bodies are constantly breaking down due to our poor lifestyles choices.

True health is a state of complete physical, chemical and emotional well-being. In other words health arises when your body works well, not just when it feels well.

Health requires a balance of these stresses. If any one side is neglected, or out of proportion with the others, your body has to adapt. This adaptation makes the body prone to pain, disability, sickness and disease.

At the AMI Clinic we actively promote a healthier lifestyle by identifying the sources of stress, and then taking action steps to minimize your exposure and limit the breakdown process.

Chemical Stress
Eat Well

Examples of chemical stress can be either internal (poor diet – additives, preservatives, processed food, high fat and sugar content etc. Also hydration levels, smoking, alcohol intake, and medication use etc.). It can also be external (environmental pollution, toxic chemicals in cleaning products, etc…).

Just like a car needs fuel to make it run, your body needs the right kind of nutrition. It is crucial not to put harmful substances into the body. An imbalance of chemicals will affect the body's natural ability to heal and self – function.

Changing your perception of food and your diet can limit the amount of chemical stress you are predisposed to. It can also lessen the likelihood of developing chronic lifestyle diseases such as high blood pressure, increased cholesterol and type 2 diabetes.

Emotional Stress
Think Well

Emotional stress is one of the biggest problems that people face in today's society. The body and mind are interlinked and many people underestimate the power of their emotional state in relation to how they look, feel and behave.

Work, family, relationships and modern life can all be significant sources of emotional stress. Learning how to manage emotional stress can help you remain physically, socially and emotionally healthy.



Physical Stress
Be Active

Physical stress is not always something drastic such as an injury or strain. One of the most damaging things to our bodies can be sitting for long periods of time.

Other physical stressors include repetitive lifting and bending, exercise if done incorrectly, and poor posture.

Posture is as important as keeping active. As you exercise and train your body, your bones, muscles, joints and ligaments adapt to the increased stress and in turn will become stronger.

Having good posture and also strong muscles and joints supporting your body can lessen the likelihood of you becoming injured during physical stress.